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Art Submission Guide


Artwork is judged by a series of criteria. All of which are achievable by an artist of any skill level, some of which take a lot more time to achieve but that is why they earn you a higher amount of points. The more effort you put into your art, the higher your score which means higher minimum rewards and also unlocking higher tier or rarer rewards!

Again, none of the judging process takes any consideration on skill level, it is all about effort!

Minimum Criteria

In order for any submission to be accepted, regardless of additional effort factors, your image MUST contain the following;

Your Pet

Your pet, with its correct colors and markings in the correct places. You are welcome to download the image of your pet and use a color picker also to match the colors up nicely. Or you can try it yourself. We are happy for you to change the tone of the color somewhat should it be an art style thing (Someone who usually paints in more vivid tones or someone who prefers more pastel tones) As long as the pet is instantly recognisable as your own.


There must be some form of simple background containing the activity you’re doing. If you are adventuring it can be a field, a forest, a mountain, a cave etc. If you are farming it should be an image showing the field or crop you are planting/harvesting.


Your pet (Or avatar) MUST be interacting in the activity you have chosen. If adventuring they should be looking at something/walking/searching - They should not be playing/bathing/eating

Additional Criteria

The following criteria are not required for your submission to be accepted, they will however significantly improve your score. Meeting just one or two of these improves your chances of rarer rewards by a considerable amount (That being said you can still leave with lesser rewards).


Shading will get more points the more complex it is. No shading will get you no points.


No shading makes an image look flat and lifeless. There is no sense of lighting or no idea the subject has any real form or definition.


(Cel shading) the technique of just using simple hard edge shading in rendering.

The focus being on basic placement of shadows and keep lighting effects to the minimum.


The technique of combining soft and hard edges when coloring to create a more "realistic" rendering

Lighting and shadows are more emphaized. Overall giving more depth.



No depth makes a picture look plain and ‘flat’ with no idea of foreground or background. In this image we can see there is what looks to be grass, some trees and mountains. But they all seem to be very flat and have no life.


A little bit of depth can be achieved by adding in some extra shading. Giving the illusion of something being far away and something else being closer. Depth can easily be achieved with limited knowledge or skill. In this image we can see the light is projecting in a certain direction. We can see the mountains have ridges which block the light and we can see it is very steep. The trees look almost like the trunk and leaves are going around rather than sitting flat.


Bring the image to life by adding in more features and ‘layers’ in your picture.

The image shows clouds behind the mountains suggesting that the world extends onwards behind them. Bushes are popping up in front and very close, using darker colors and larger shape showing they are closer to us.



No animation means the image is static and doesn’t move.


Simple animation can consist of a few frames which give an effect of moving, it could be an object in the scene such as a star twinkle or a cloud moving across the sky. This would be simple movement or color changing effects.


Anything which requires redrawing of an object such as a tree’s leaves blowing, snow from a mountain being blown away, the hair of a pet/avatar moving, a pet/avatar walking or running. These are all considered complex animations.

Additional Pets

You can draw as many other pets as you wish (Your own or other peoples) however you can get points for up to three other pets.

If other people’s pets are featured, they will also get rewards.

Additional Avatars

You can draw as many other peoples avatars as you wish however you can get points for up to three other avatars.

If other people’s avatars are featured, they will also get rewards.


If you choose to collaborate with someone else, you will gain additional points for the collaboration and each person within the collaboration will get rewards.