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Earl Grey


Slow September

Our team have been dealing with various issues outside of development. I personally have been away a lot and had an increased workload which should be calming down this month.


Big Maintainence update

During my spare time I have been working on bug updates, performance updates and reworking some redundent code. While I have not had time to implement any new systems, this should have a significant impact on accessing the site. Apologies for anyone who may have had some downtime last night while the live server was being updated.

Please, as always be diligent for bugs. I don't have a team to test these updates before they are published live and there is only so much I can do myself to test. Therefore it is appreciated if you report any issue, no matter how insignificant, even if it's just a spelling/grammar issue!


Welcome Chai

We have a new team member. Chai has worked with me on a prior project, she is a wizard at environment artwork. She has joined us to help with creating some of the locations that you can visit as players. These will be very helpful to anyone drawing art prompts as it can help to give you a solid frame of reference. This will tie into the next topic



I have been working on updating the lore. There will be a section of the website dedicated to hosting and hopefully making it easy to find any information that you might need. Once released an announcement will be posted. This should be available in a limited function by the end of September.


October Haiatus

Coding will be mostly halted in October as I have a holiday booked and a few conventions that I will be attending. As I work alone in the community side of things also, I will be sure to check any tickets and submissions throughout October, however please be aware that there may be a slower than usual response time. If possible, I will look into having someone to help support during this time.


Future Plans

I am hoping to work through the current trello queue by the end of 2020 so that an official and full launch can be announced beginning 2021. This might sound like a long time but we're only 4 months away! You can find our trello roadmap here


Becoming Team Members

I have recently been approached by a couple of people regarding team positions and when they might open up. While there are areas I could use some help with currently, there is very little work in terms of gameplay (Such as marking submissions) and anyone joining the team this early will not be performing tasks that would be expected of them during the launch.

Roles that would currently be needed would be team members who can help to test (thoughrally test) features, this includes the submissions so we would need people who would be able to actively submit content. We also need help in marketing for the build up to and the official launch out of beta.

If you are in any way interested in joining the team pre-launch to help with the run up, please reach out to me by either the ticket system or via Discord. Let me know what you're wanting to help with and what you can bring to the team.

Please be aware that I implement long and rigourous application processes to ensure only the most dedicated join my team.

Any interested parties should let me know as soon as possible and I will follow up with details on how to apply.



Final Notes

As always, I love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Please do reach out, I would love to hear from you!

- Earl Grey

Earl Grey


There's a lot of change!

Since the last post we've been working hard. Let's have a quick recap on what's happened!


YureiiKun has been super busy!

  • New Designs
    • Zuros
    • Helios
  • New Logo
    • The site now has an amazing logo!



Earl Grey has been working on new features!

  • Collaborator
    • You can now add a collaborator in your Art Submissions - Collaborated submissions will show up on both collaborator's pets profile when the submission is accepted!
  • Interactions
    • You can now interact with your pets! Every interaction increases your bonding with your pet. Going into your dashboard you can currently perform 2 interactions (More coming soon!)
      • Walk - Take your pet for a walk for the chance to bring back treasures
      • Play - Fill the bonding meter of your pet faster! (There is currently no front-end display for this but it's coming soon!)
  • Energy
    • To interact with your pets you need energy. A bar has been added in the menu when you're logged in so you can track how much energy you have remaining!
  • Sandbox Upgrades
    • The sandbox works much better now, instead of having to submit the changes to a new page for an update, the changes appear live in the browser!
  • Themes
    • If you don't like the default color scheme, themes have been added so you can choose something different. We will be looking at creating more themes in time. You can change the theme by logging in and opening your player menu in the top right.



We have now started a roadmap in Trello. You can find it on the menu bar. This lists some of the important features we wish to ensure are added to the game. If there is something you would like to see, submit a ticket and let us know your suggestions. Maybe they will appear in the Trello board!


Special Thanks

We would like to say thanks to Miki for helping to identify a bug on the website. We've added the 'Bug Hunter' achievement to your profile!


That's all for now. Please let us know your comments and feedback. Hearing from you really helps us to develop the game and ensure everything is working smoothly!

- Earl Grey

Earl Grey


Welcome! To Wayau Pets!

This is our first official news post!

I can only hope you have found your way to us with much curiosity and willingness to persevere with our development. There is still so much for us to do!

Right now we have wrapped up the basic aRPG functions, allowing you to submit artwork for your pet to gain experience, coins and rewards! - This includes new eggs which when hatched could have new, rarer genetics, bringing you closer to your dream pet!

We would love your suggestions, don't hesitate to click 'Contact Us' in the menu and submit any Feedback, Suggestions, Bug reports and general comments! We love hearing from you!

I will be sure to keep everyone updated as soon as new features are developed!

- Earl Grey